Year after year S.T.M. and G.S.M. have been developing and consolidating a universally acknowledged knowhow in designing and building power transmission products and components.
Already in 1998, this knowledge and experience in designing and building was certified in full conformity with ISO 9001 (G.S.M. in the year 1999) International Quality Certification Rules.

A very important result which fully testifies the daily attention paid to customer needs, always improving and perfectioning technical and productive new solutions.  All this to testify, once for all, how the word ‘’ QUALITY ‘’, in its highest meaning, is one of the key words shared by every single individual in S.T.M. and G.S.M.


35.000 square meters spread over three plants located in Lippo di Calderara di Reno in Bologna and one in Modena. 250 employees, more than 100 machine tools divided into individual workstations cnc, robotic workstations and Islands plurimacchina automated and robotized, work centers, 1.500 measuring instruments and control systems for the operations performed by operators of self-control on the machine, in the workshop and assembly, to control operations in acceptance. 6 final test stations for the performance of functional tests on the finished products, 1 test room for technical tests on products.

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